VLF/LF Loop Amplifier Antenna
Amp with BCB Loop Amp with HF Loop
VLF/HF Loop Amplifier Antennas Palomar's unique Loop receiving antenna provides great, low noise reception of VLF, MF, and HF bands. Just connect the Loop Amplifier to your receiver's antenna jack and plug in the loop for the band of interest. Six interchangable loops are available to cover 10 KHz through 16 MHz. The Loop Amplifer provides 20 dB of gain and has selective tuning. The Loop Amplifier nulls out signal interference and is lower noise then other antennas for better reception. Rotates 360 degrees for signal nulling. Powered by a 9 volt battery. All loops (except PHF1) can also tilt for additional noise nulling.
Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
PLA1 VLF/HF Loop Amplifier
(Requires 1 or more Loops below)
Plug-in Loops for Loop Amplifier
POMEGA 10-40 KHz VLF Loop $99.95
PWWVB 40-150 KHz VLF Loop $99.95
PLF 150-550 KHz MF Loop $99.95
PBCB 550-1600 KHz BCB Loop $99.95
P160 1.6-5 MHz HF Loop $99.95
PHF1 5-16 MHz HF Loop $99.95